how we source

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Regional Access has been an unrelenting advocate for New York state agriculture and for
producers of great food everywhere since 1989. They serve discerning retailers, restaurants, and institutions across the northeast.

Headwater is cultivating a community by creating a full circle system that encompasses those who produce and grow our food, with those who prepare and enjoy it. Local, regional products are easily accessible and affordable through our online marketplace built on fairness, honesty, and good products. They focus on small to mid-sized farms and producers, sustainable output, regenerative agriculture, and business integrity built on person-to-person trust.

GreenStar is a consumer cooperative, collectively owned by over 12,000 member-owners. Everyone is welcome to shop at GreenStar Food Co-op, where we celebrate fresh, whole foods, sustainable living, and the transformative power of a strong local economy.


Ren's Mart offers a selection of produce and Asian goods to complement other specialty grocers in Ithaca and serve as many Asian communities as possible. Ren's Mart has a diversity of cuisines including Filipino, Taiwanese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Indian.

Cortland Produce is a family-owned food service distributor located in Freeville NY providing local restaurants and customers within the New York Finger Lakes Region with the finest quality food service products. We source fresh meats and cut steaks, fresh poultry, frozen seafood and meats, and frozen bakery items.

Wildflower Farm raises belted Galloway cattle, a heritage breed known for excellent marbling and flavor and especially well-suited for finishing on pasture.  Our animals live outdoors year-round with free access to shelter.  During the growing season they eat only pasture forages, and during winter months they are fed local hay.  We use no growth hormones or routine antibiotics in our meat production.  Our animals are processed at nearby Schrader Farms, a modern, USDA inspected and animal welfare certified slaughterhouse in Romulus NY.  In our management practices, we put care of the earth, the environment, and the animals foremost in our priorities.  The results are healthy animals and delicious meat.

Dilmun Farm is a student-run farm that has been practicing sustainable agriculture on Cornell University's campus for more than a decade. They provide students with opportunities for experiential learning, group collaboration and research.

Cornell Hydroponics aims to bring together students with a passion for advancing agricultural technology through the use of hydroponics.


FingerLakes Farms is an Ithaca, NY based company focused on bringing you and your family great tasting, healthy, locally-produced food.

Stick and Stone Farm is a Certified Organic farm in Ithaca, NY. The farm is about 125 acres just 4.5 miles west of downtown Ithaca. Each year we grow about 50 acres of Organic produce, leaving the rest in soil enriching cover crops. Our crops include a wide variety of greens, tomatoes, root vegetables, alliums, strawberries and more! We also grow many specialty Asian vegetables including fall greens and roots.

Plowbreak Farm is a diversified vegetable farm committed to community, good food and sustainability. Since 2012, we have been feeding the community in a thirty-mile radius around our farm, which sits atop the hills of Seneca Lake. The food we harvest from our forty acres (ten cultivated) and nine high tunnels is never sprayed with synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. We work to promote healthy soils and a thriving ecosystem around our farm with cover cropping, habitat plantings, compost-based fertility and reduced tillage.

Wide Awake is a community-focused bakery located in Trumansburg, NY. We work closely with our partners- Oechsner Farms and Farmer Ground Flour- to make great breads from local organic grains. 

Cornell Bread Club is an campus student organization that bakes fresh bread every week.

A favorite in New York’s Finger Lakes region, the Ithaca Bakery stores feature terrific sandwiches, homemade entrées and salads, artisan breads and bagels, superb pastry, outstanding cheeses, and great fair-trade coffee!