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about us


Anabel’s Grocery provides fresh, nutritious and affordable food for all Cornell students. Through our store and educational programs, we provide information about the connection between quality food, health, justice and sustainability. By collaborating with diverse student organizations and local food producers, our student-run, nonprofit food store is a learning lab dedicated to creating an equitable and ecologically-sound food system.



We are committed to fostering food justice, inclusivity, equity, community, and hands-on Learning. The following Seven Agreements guide how we work together and for our community.

  1. Assume Goodwill — Suspend judgment and “right/wrong’ thinking” to listen with curiosity, humility and with a recognition that the other also cares deeply about the work.

  2. Be Your Word — Do what you said you would do. Say what you mean. Use your word to further compassion and understanding. Don’t take what others do personally, because what they do is about them, not you.

  3. Experience the Edges — Be willing to be uncomfortable, stay with the conversation, suspend judgment and listen with curiosity.

  4. Respect Autonomy — By ensuring engagement and consent and by encouraging ownership.

  5. Design for the Margins — When those on the margins are taken care of we are all taken care of.

  6. Create to Regenerate — Minimize waste and create in such a way that lasts–so others can follow in your footsteps.

  7. Recognize that Impact Matters — Everything we do, no matter how big or small, has an impact with ripple effects. We take the time to assess whether we are having the impact we intend. We also recognize that good and bad outcomes are the result of the systems we create. We engage in antiracist actions to transform the systems that produce racial and social disparities.  Amplify the good and “teflon” the bad.



We are a not-for-profit social enterprise housed within the Center for Transformative Action CTA), an independent, education-based nonprofit 501(c)3 organization affiliated with Cornell University. As a project of CTA, Anabel’s does not have separate legal standing and is required to uphold CTA’s policies and procedures as determined by the CTA Executive Director and the CTA board of directors. CTA’s board of directors is legally responsible for all our activities. As part of CTA’s organizational structure, we have an advisory board that supports our student-led team by offering strategic and programmatic guidance, financial oversight, and fundraising support. Once a month, advisory board members join the student team’s All-Staff meeting.

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