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Our Mission

To provide fresh, nutritious, and affordable food for all Cornell students. Through our store and educational programs, we provide information about the connection between quality food, health, justice, and sustainability. By collaborating with diverse student organizations and local food producers, our student-run, nonprofit food store is a learning lab dedicated to creating an equitable and ecologically-sound food system.

Our Seven Values

Assume Goodwill: Suspend judgment

Be Your Word: Do what you said you would do

Experience the Edges: Be willing to be uncomfortable

Respect Autonomy: Encourage ownership

Design for the Margins: Take care of those in the margins for the greater good

Create to Regenerate: Minimize your environmental impact

Recognize that Impact Matters: Examine your ripple effects

Our Committees & Coordinators

The student team is comprised of five core committees:

  1. People and Operations

  2. Purchasing, Sales, & Product Promotion

  3. Marketing

  4. Collaboration and Education

  5. Fundraising and Finances


Each committee is compromised of its coordinators and members, who are currently enrolled in AEM 3385: Practicum in Social Entrepreneurship, and work within a flat hierarchy of power. Each committee has one designated liaison to the advisory board, CTA's Executive Director & Operations Director, and AEM 3385 respectively. All committees meet weekly and are charged with a set of responsibilities to uphold the organization's mission and values.  In this flat structure, i.e. one in which every person's voice and vote are equal, each member takes one or several roles within a committee and takes on shifts to stock, cashier, and organize the store. 

A Note on Governance

We are a not-for-profit social enterprise housed within The Center for Transformative Action (CTA), an independent, education-based nonprofit 501(c)3 organization affiliated with Cornell University. As a project of CTA, Anabel’s does not have separate legal standing and is required to uphold CTA’s policies and procedures as determined by the CTA Executive Director and the CTA board of directors. CTA’s board of directors is legally responsible for all our activities. As part of CTA’s organizational structure, we have an advisory board that supports our student-led team by offering strategic and programmatic guidance, financial oversight, and fundraising support. Once a month, advisory board members join the student team’s All-Staff meeting.

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