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Nat Rosier ('22)

Strategy, TA

Industrial and Labor Relations​

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Jacob Blizard ('25)

Store Operations, TA

Environment and Sustainability

Katie Go ('22)

Purchasing Operations

Information Science​

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Eric Dong ('24)




Alyssa Gartenberg ('21)


MPS Natural Resources

Dylan Rodgers ('23)


Environment and Sustainability


Paola Aguirre ('22)


Biology and Government

Emma Sbrollini ('22)


Policy Analysis and Management


The student team is comprised of four core committees:

1) People and Operations

2) Purchasing, Sales, & Product Promotion

3) Public Relations, Marketing, & Outreach

4) Education and Collaboration

Each committee has one designated liaison to the advisory board, CTA's Executive Director & Operations Director, and AEM 3385: Practicum in Social Entrepreneurship, respectively. All committees meet weekly and are charged with a set of responsibilities to uphold the organization's mission and values.  In this flat structure, i.e. one in which every person's voice and vote are equal, each member takes one or several roles within a committee and takes on shifts to stock, cashier, and organize the store. 

People and Operations

The People and Operations Committee is responsible for all work relating to staff and to store operations. This includes:  developing and maintaining in-store procedures and protocols; staffing the store;  keeping the store stocked with necessary supplies;  coordinating delivery,  stocking and pre-packaging shifts;  ensuring the store is clean and able to pass inspection at an time;  being accountable to those managing Anabel Taylor Hall so we always stay on the right side of building rules; and communicating with/training all staff so that our in-store procedures work, the store is a well-organized,  beautiful and welcoming place, and CTA operations and HR policies are being followed.  This committee schedules the inspection of the store and the certification of our scales.

Purchasing, Sales, and Product Promotion

The Purchasing, Sales and Product Promotion committee is responsible for all work related to keeping inventory, tracking sales, assessing sales and financial reports, curating a culturally diverse, sustainably sourced and nutritious product mix, purchasing,  pricing products so they are at or below comparative prices (e.g. Wegman’s prices), maintaining good relationships with all our vendors, scheduling deliveries, and promoting products and sales with in-store displays and samples. Those involved with product promotion are in frequent communication with the PR, Marketing and Outreach Committee as well as the Anabel’s Programming team to make sure weekly marketing and recipe development are aligned with our current product mix and the products we want to highlight.

PR, Marketing, and Outreach

The Public Relations, Marketing and Outreach Committee is responsible for all work related to Anabel’s public relations, marketing, and outreach to key stakeholders including donors, Cornell administrators and other key stakeholders.  This work includes: updating and maintaining our website and social media;  publishing a weekly newsletter; responding to media inquiries and inquiries from external organizations and key stakeholders including Cornell alumni, donors and administrators; meeting with and providing reports of our social impact to these key stakeholders; developing and executing and effective fundraising strategy; writing press releases;  developing and implementing an effective marketing strategy to increase foot traffic to the store and attract diverse shoppers; and promoting and maintaining our membership program. This committee uses our social media platforms and our website to curate our external communications. To this end, it includes a member knowledgeable in maintaining the website and our social media platforms.

Education and Collaboration

The Education and Collaboration Committee is responsible for creating recipes, blogs, articles, food guides, and other food justice related work to the PR/Marketing committee. The committee also hosts cook alongs and works with other student organizations on coalition-building for different projects.